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2024 Plan Information for Retirees

Non-Medicare eligible retirees (pre-65 years of age) have the option to enroll in Mecklenburg County's active employee plans - PPO plan (Preferred Provider Organization Plan) and HDHP/HSA (Enhanced or Standard) plan. Medicare eligible retirees have the option to enroll in Mecklenburg County's Medicare-Coordinated EPO plan (Exclusive Provider Organization Plan). 

Retirees can also waive coverage to receive a reimbursement for their individual enrollment in a Medicare Plan. Scroll down to learn more about this option.

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Becoming Eligible for Medicare

Mecklenburg County mails an informational packet to retirees and dependents becoming eligible for Medicare 2-3 months prior to their 65th date of birth. The member will be instructed to enroll (elect or waive) our Medicare eligible plan - EPO Plan. The retiree is responsible for returning an enrollment form in the packet to elect their desired coverage. The new plan coverage is effective when Medicare becomes effective (the first day in the 65th birthday month).

Waiving Coverage to Receive a Reimbursement for an Individual Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare-eligible retirees can elect to waive Mecklenburg County's Medicare-Coordinated medical plan to receive a reimbursement for their own Medicare Supplement plan (up to a maximum amount). For more information, please view the 2024 Medicare-Coordinated Reimbursement Cover Letter. Please return all forms listed below to the Mecklenburg County Human Resources Employee Services Center (700 East Fourth Street, Suite 220, Charlotte, NC 28202) to make this election and to start your reimbursement payments. 

Qualifying Life Event Midyear Changes

Retirees who would like to request a medical plan change outside of Open Enrollment can only do so if they experience a Qualifying Life Event (examples - marriage, death, birth/adoption, gain/loss coverage elsewhere, change in employment, etc.). The retiree must submit the 2024 Enrollment Form to Mecklenburg County within 31 days of the event date AND include a document to verify the event (certificate, letter from employer, letter from other insurance carrier, etc.). 

For enrollment forms, please view documents for Medicare eligible and non-Medicare eligible retirees.

Ongoing Dependent Verification Audit Details

Retirees who are covering dependents under the County’s Health Benefit Plan will be asked to provide verification documentation to ensure that people being covered are eligible. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Governmental Retirees Association

If you are a retiree of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg systems, you will be interested in being part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Governmental Retirees Association (CMGRA).  CMGRA offers a variety of programs, meetings and events of interest to retirees.

The CMGRA meets the fourth Tuesday of February, April, June, August and October at 9:30 AM at:

Cokesbury UMC
6701 Idlewild Road
Charlotte NC 28212